Call for papers

The ICITEE 2021 shall cover the following topics but limited to:

Topic 1: Software Engineering

Software Agent Technology

Middleware Design Techniques

Reliability & Modeling Analysis

e-Government Engineering

Modeling with UML

Cost Modeling and Analysis

Component-Based Software Engineering

Mobile/Wireless Computing

Computer & Software Engineering

Communication Systems and Networks

Parallel & Distributed Computing

Technology Transfer

Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery

Safety and Security Critical Software

Business Process Reengineering & Science

Artificial Intelligence Reengineering, Reverse Engineering

Design & Process Engineering & Science

Design Patterns & Frameworks

Software Process Models Process Management & Improvement

Software Architecture

Software Testing Techniques


Economic and Financial Systems

Software Reuse and Metrics

Healthcare Engineering

Requirements Engineering

Object-Oriented Technology

Distributed Intelligence Systems

Topic 2: Information Science

Information systems

Management Information Systems

Information systems planning and management

Adoption of information technology in organizations

Human factors in information systems

Knowledge acquisition, expert systems

Systems analysis and design methods

Object-oriented enterprise modeling

Knowledge based systems to support database design

Automated mediation in group support systems

Distributed information systems, electronic commerce

Software copyright infringements

Accounting and Financial Information System

Internet Technology

Auditing and IT Governance

Information Quality and Strategy

Decision Support System

Information Systems


IT Education and Society

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Information Systems-ERP

Public Policy Management

Engineering and Software Development

Free software

IT and IS Security

Information and Communication Technology


IT and IS Innovation

Digital business and digital marketing

Software agents

Social media

Topic 3: Electrical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Computer and AI Applications in Power Industry

Control Science and Control Engineering

Distributed Generation, Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Systems

Electric vehicle technologies


High Voltage and Insulation Technology

Intelligent control systems

Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Automation & Instrument and Meter

Signal and Communication Processing

Advanced Power Semiconductors

Analogue and Digital Signal Processing

Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus

Electromagnetic compatibility

Materials for Electrotechnics

Measuring Technology and Instruments

Mechatronics & Robotics

Nuclear Energy

Power Electronics and Power Drives

Power Engineering Education

Power Market

Power Optimization

Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Power System and its Automation

Power System Reliability and Security

Power Systems Communication

Power Systems Deregulation

Predictive control

Process control

Real-time control

Renewable Energy

Computation Intelligence in Electrical Engineering

Topic 4: Automation Control

Modeling of Complex Systems

Optimal Control

Linear Systems

Discrete Event Systems

Adaptive Control

Nonlinear Systems and Control

Learning Systems

Fuzzy and Neural Systems

Intelligent and AI Based Control

Estimation and Identification

Real-time Systems

Fault Detection

Sensor/data fusion

Process Control & Instrumentation


Motion Control

Automated Guided Vehicles

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Control Education

Integrated Manufacturing

Control Applications

Factory Modeling and Automation

Process Automation

Petri-Nets and Applications

Man-machine Interactions

Micro and Nano Systems

Smart Structures

Sensor networks, networked control

Multi-agent systems